This year, resolve to spend more time with nature for a healthier life

We started the new year with a new zeal and a revamped spirit towards life. But if you look at it holistically, nothing changes and what does is our ethos towards a happy, better life.

It’s a good bet that eating healthier and getting more exercise are at the top of everyone’s lists. The good news is that getting close to nature helps us achieve both of these along with having fun. An article I chanced upon recently stated that spending time with nature enhances longevity of life, which got me thinking. If not longer, living a healthy life is surely possible!

Here are some of my tips for a nature-filled year:

Begin your day walking barefoot on the grass

Various researches have shown that walking barefoot on grass stimulates specific acupuncture points of the foot, which help stimulate our nerves and veins, resulting in an improved nervous system. So why not embrace mother nature and let her work its magic right at the start of the day.

Make your mornings positive and impose a gadget curfew

Make sure your morning herbal tea is amidst nature (minus your phone or that Instagram story upload). Spend at least 30 minutes in the morning without cellphones, or any electronic gadget for that matter. Rise and shine to say hello to a new day, but without scrolling through or texting.

Make sure you spend some morning time in your balcony or garden amidst the greens, soak in some Vitamin D while hearing the birds chirp and kick-start your day on a healthy note.

Take out 30 minutes in the day for your greens/hobby

For me, I just love being around my plants, tending to them and getting my hands dirty. It makes me feel alive, active and connected to my roots. In case you’re a first-time gardener, don’t get intimidated and just begin. Give your hobby a go — it can be anything, all you need is to take that plunge. Pick that paintbrush, finish that novel or even doodle. Embrace those greens which you haven’t for a long time as it’s time for a refreshing change.

Grow/buy natural foods

Health is wealth is a mantra I follow by heart. Add that nature-filled balance to your lifestyle with this hack. Eat more seasonal fruits, vegetables and grains, preferably locally grown. Avoid the boxed/canned processed foods and go for foods that come from earth. Produces like capsicum, brinjal and even tomatoes can be grown easily indoors, with minimum knowledge in gardening.

Locally-grown produce will be free of pesticide, available in plenty and will be of good quality and taste. Not only will you cut down the carbon on your plate, you’ll also benefit from enjoying fresh, seasonal ingredients, garden-to-plate style!

Have some fun

Grow your own vegetable or herb garden and watch the magic unfold on your dinner table. Have fun with your kids as they engage in garden-related art and craft. Plant some seeds with their help. A small example: shed off the seeds from the bell peppers you use at home, ask them to separate it, dry it and keep them aside. With their help, plant those seeds in small planters, water them, give them some sunshine and let the kids watch the magic unfurl.

You can even grow some sunflowers along with them and watch how the stalks grow taller than they are. Nature can sometimes be the best teacher.

Bring greenery indoors for a healthy vibe

Perk up any room in your home with potted plants and watch the energy change. From boosting oxygen levels and moisture levels in the air, the benefits are immense. According to research, they also decrease headaches, cold and flu-like symptoms. My suggestion would be to start small and work your way through. Feel your space and explore what works best for you.

A desk plant or an indoor plant on your living room table, a small change can actually work wonders. Give it a try!

It’s the little things that always matter. In these uncertain times, one thing that keeps us going is hope — the hope of a better future and hope of a healthier every day. And I’m vouching for you to hold on to that hope, strive on the zeal that this year brings along and make each day something more than just those resolutions we make to strike off. A new year means new opportunities in the garden of life. Join me in creating a promising green future.