In 2021, travel made a slow yet steady comeback. And with tourism on a high, we tell you what the travel trends for 2022 look like. By Anushka Goel

2022 is around the corner, and we’re gearing up for a year of more travel, experiences, and adventures. While 2021 was the year that saw a rise in local travel, staycations, and a shift towards sustainability, 2022 is set to reinforce these travel trends even more, according to reports.

What’s more, with the tourism industry slowly coming making a comeback, new travel trends are set to rule 2022. Safety will continue to remain paramount, while self-care and mindful travel continue to rule the charts.

A large percentage of people believe that travel helps their mental and emotional well-being more than anything else, and according to reports, travelling for self-care will gain popularity in 2022. This comes especially after almost two years of the pandemic and the uncertainties it has brought about. 

Mindful vacations

Travelling mindfully — whether it be sustainable tourism or going on mindfulness retreats — will pick up the pace if travel trends for 2022 are to be believed. From sound healing to meditation camps, travelling to heal is set to rise, so is sustainable tourism – people will opt more for ecotel hotels and boutique stays and try to reduce their carbon footprint.

Community-based tourism

Almost hand-in-hand with sustainable and mindful vacations will be community tourism, as the pandemic has forced us to be in touch with our local roots more than ever. Even at home, many have turned to support local businesses and have spent time at the neighbourhood parks, which will carry forward. People will look for local communities as they travel, say reports, and try to create a positive impact on the local community.

Rethinking workations

When the pandemic hit, offices moved where the internet and our laptops could reach, and many turned to the hills for the perfect workation – work + vacation. However, if reports are to be believed, 2022 will see a rise in people wanting to take back their vacations, making them strictly for leisure and not work. And with people claiming they worked more hours from home than they would have if in office and taking fewer vacations, 2022 can expect people to take more breaks and be completely away from work. 

Private Jetting

Another trend that is set to pick up pace in 2022 is private jetting, aka flying off in private jets especially for weddings and honeymoons. Many couples are opting to take private charters to arrive for their weddings, and others have been booking these charters for vacations with friends and family.

Appreciating the journey and not just the destination

With many of us not having packed our bags for a long while, the anticipation of travelling and the entire journey will be as memorable as the excitement of reaching the destination. Each ‘first’ of trips in 2022 will be a moment to savour, and simple pleasures such as visiting a water body or feeling the warm sun on the skin are something travellers will cherish. 

Road trips for the win

According to a report in ANI, road trips to nearby places are set to rise in 2022, also indicating a rise in domestic travel. People have been feeling safer travelling in their own vehicles amid the pandemic, and this research reinstates the fact that self-driven vehicles, whether personal or rented, is what people will opt for when they go for weekend getaways or even long-haul trips.

Visiting new places and seeing new faces

The pandemic taught us the importance of being surrounded by loved ones, but in 2022, vacations will mean visiting new places and seeing new faces and expanding one’s social circles. And if you’re single, a holiday romance may not be off the charts for you!

GOAT – Greatest of all trips

Yes, you may have heard of this acronym in terms of footballers and actors. In 2022, be prepared for what’s set to be the Greatest of all Trips! Travellers will be looking to seek once-in-a-lifetime experiences with their travels, and this travel trend for 2022 suggests that an increasing number of people will have the desire to ‘go big’ with their travels — with mainstream destinations, splurging on food and stays, and more.

Saying yes to travel

2022 seems to be the year people will go all-out and say yes to every travel opportunity that arises, as long as it fits their budget. The year is set to see a huge boom in the tourism industry, with people being open to different types of vacation than before as well as to trips that suit their preferences, as long as they get a chance to be away from home. People will take a more adventurous approach to travel and maybe even their companions.  

Uncertainty and unpredictability will rule 2022

The last two years (almost) have been full of uncertainty, and this is something that is set to seep into the way one travels. While one cannot change or predict the challenges that might come their way, travelling in 2022 will be a lot about embracing this unpredictability. Having leaned on technology heavily throughout the pandemic, our favourite apps will continue to help us navigate the unknown on our trips and ease travel anxiety.