No one could foresee what 2020 brought to us. This includes businesses and their future too. It allowed people to spend a lot more of their time on the internet.And now as the change has already begun, digital marketing agencies have to keep up with it.

To aware you of all the coming trends in the market, we asked 36 agency leaders from all around about their visions of the future of digital marketing. In this eBook, you’ll get the answers to:

  • How will AI affect agencies’ workflow?
  • Will the agencies need an office in the future?
  • Which jobs will be more likely to be displaced by automation?
  • Which services will the agencies be more focused on in the future?

Check out their thoughts and discover what awaits digital agencies in the future! Download a free copy of The Future of Digital Agencies eGuide collaborated with Productive.

How Will the Future of Digital Marketing Agencies Evolve?

Brands are now looking forward to boosting their presence online because of the presence of the target audience. Brands require the support of digital agencies and social media presence to promote and spread awareness about their products.

At the same time, many digital agencies have come to slowly dominate or gain a monopoly in the industry. They have adopted discipline elements like branding, digital media, market research, public relations, and media planning. In current times it is important for everyone to advertise and promote themselves. In the end, it all boils down to how different you and your brand are from the others.

Let’s get to know about what the future can unfold for digital marketing agencies!

Technology is invading every industry, just as it is invading our daily lives. Modern marketing has fundamentally changed the way marketers promote and represent their firms as a result of the effect of technology. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, offering countless opportunities every day. Let’s see which main areas the digital marketing industry will likely to focus on.

AI – The New Player

The 21st century speaks a lot about the development and need for artificial intelligence. It is becoming a significant player in digital marketing, where data is the driving force. A lot is yet to be explored to reach a level where analyzing and finding the patterns will become easy and convenient. This analysis might not enable the digital marketing agencies of the future to forecast the exact outcome of every action, but it will give you an insight into what the sector has to unfold.

We are noting the effects of this new technology in bots even today. Using bots for the promotion of a brand is just the beginning. It has a lot to offer in the future as it unfolds its features and evolves with time. If you are curious about how AI will be implemented into the digital agencies’ workflow in the near future, you can download our E-guide.

PPC and SEO – The Evolvement and Challenges

There is a significant difference between PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). PPC promotes your brand by paying individuals to click or tap on the search engines’ advertisements and navigates them to your website. SEO promotes the brand by tracking and improving website traffic.

SEO and PPC are two different elements of a digital agency. The future of media agencies will unlock the fusion of these two elements. This fusion will bring a significant change in the digital industry. Businesses that didn’t earlier focus on this part of digital marketing services are now actively permitting their teams to target their audience via keywords.

It will take the form of creative, consultative, and strategic techniques (fusion of SEO and PPC) in the longer run.

E-Privacy – A Move to Shake the Advertising Industry

Data is the main focus of all digital agencies as it helps them target their users conveniently.

Is there any alternative to cookies? No, cookies do not have any alternative. However, browser fingerprinting is one technique that collects your data like the time zone, the font on your system, the emoji that you use, and screen resolution.

Browser fingerprinting is one technique that comes across as the most reliable and trusted source. Several websites allow you to track your fingerprints. One of the ways is Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is used to store your data history. The future of digital agencies awaits evolution with cookies. If cookies disappear in the future, the whole digital industry will look for an alternative.

Programming Language – The New Step in the World of Technology

One of the significant changes in the world of a digital agency is Python, the open-source programming language. Until some time ago, digital marketing agencieswere solely dependent on PHP, which is an open-source that is free of cost and user-friendly.

Python is a newcomer in the digital marketing world. It has become the go-to tool for every digital agency in the market. Python is easy to learn, gives a free hand to the developer to experiment, and much more. The future of digital agencies will let these brands and businesses automate operations.