Email marketing is one of the marketers’ go-to solutions for promoting online businesses. But it is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, many challenges come in the way of strategizing the best email marketing plan. So, let us get straight away and know the significant challenges businesses can face with email marketing and how to overcome these.

Top 5 Email Marketing Challenges:

Dropping Deliverability Rates

The primary issue of deliverability is gaining accurate information for every contact and maintaining a record. Sometimes, emails you send in the email marketing campaigns, automated or manual, might not get delivered to the intended subscribers or readers. Deliverability rate is the number of emails you have sent to your target audience versus the emails that get through the inboxes and promote the open rates and click-through rates. At the same time, bounce rate is when an email fails to land up in the inbox.

  • Keep your email list updated regularly: You can track the metrics generated from audience information in marketing software such as CRM like Salesforce to update the inactive contacts and maintain the list constantly. Or you can hire a salesforce marketing cloud consultant to help you manage the contact list.
  • Grant contacts the permission to update their information: If you give your customers the right to change their information such as email address, phone number, and other additional information, it will make it easy to keep your information up to date.

Poor CTRS (Click-through Rates)

If your emails do not get enough clicks, it means your content is not compelling, or you are failing to fetch your website enough visitors. Or maybe your open rates are reasonable, but they still do not call for the email marketing campaign’s success. Identify this challenge of getting your products or services and website noticeable. Here is how you can overcome the problem of dropping CTRs.

The best solution is by crafting creative CTAs. Are you adding multiple CTAs to your website page or boring CTA texts in your email templates? Send in the abandonment cart email to those who have just stopped short of the payment gateway. Create OOTB CTAs and creative ways of driving your audience to go through with the purchase. You could rely on CTAs to force the audience to the website and boost your visitors and engagement rates. Remember, the intention of having CTAs is to guide your audience to your website or the intended landing page.

Inappropriate Mobile Optimization

Have you ever thought about why you are losing engagement rates from your mobile audience? Today, most of your target audience comes from mobile devices, which is a straight indication for optimizing your emails for mobile devices. To make your email campaigns a success and optimize your customer experience, you must improve mobile optimization.

To resolve this challenge, you must provide a seamless mobile experience with responsive email templates, optimized images and videos, and functioning links. Other tips include:

  • Keep your content short and crisp
  • Write compelling CTAs
  • Use appealing pre-header and subject content
  • Limit pre-header text or preview text to 40 characters
  • Test your emails from mobile devices to desktops

Customer Retention

Customer retention is a challenging task for most email marketers. While finding new leads and prospects to boost sales is crucial, pruning the inactive subscribers to increase customer engagement rate is also essential to generate good business. Moreover, the most challenging task is to retain your customers. There are some inorganic ways like buying email lists to achieve this, but it might not yield good results. Also, this may end you up losing your active subscribers. Thus, you must focus on retaining your existing customers and find ways to increase CTRs and open rates rather than chancing upon the spam list.

To overcome customer retention and find a solution to improve customer experience, you must strategize your email content that aligns with buyer personas. To align your content with your audience persona, you must consult the best salesforce marketing cloud consultant. They will provide you with email segmentation based on the behavior and interests of your intended audience. Moreover, they can help you create content and maintain email lists with automation and cloud facilities to help you enhance your email marketing campaigns.

Drive Fall in Spam Complaints

Do you see frequent spam complaints from your intended audience? Well, this is a universal problem for every email marketer. It is mainly because of the irrelevant content that results in a spike in unsubscribe rates. Sometimes, even if you deliver engaging and relevant content, it will fail to lure your audience. Thus, it is essential to find a permanent solution to this problem.

  • Give the privilege of choosing the subscriptions and customize the options to your subscribers
  • Provide your readers and visitors with the facility to update the frequency of the emails, newsletters, promotional emails
  • Provide timely assistance and hear the voice of your target audience and subscribers to level up your email marketing campaign results constantly

Bottom Line

Email Marketing fetch expected results only when employed and strategized well. There are several challenges and hurdles in the way, and marketers need to ponder over them.

From focusing on the deliverability of the emails to crafting authentic content and compelling CTAs, there are multiple factors. Thus, to help you out, here, we have covered some significant challenges that need to be elucidated to attain the desired results. We hope this helps.