Travel trends to look out for in 2022

Given the rise in the number of Omicron cases across the globe, travel has onces again taken a backseat in everyone’s life. But, there are travellers and industry professionals who are hoping for a brighter New Year 2022!

Let’s have a look at some of the travel trends that are expected to take over 2022!

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Now that most of the organisations across the globe have accepted the work-from-home concept, the demand for workcations will increase next year. The flexibility of remote work with leisure travel is expected to go up by 40 percent.

Unexplored and hidden destinations

Another big shift in travel, as per experts, will be seen in travellers interested in exploring the unexplored hidden destinations in 2022. People will prefer to visit spots that are unheard of.

Sustainable travel options

People have become aware of the importance of sustainable travel. The pandemic has made people cautious about nature and its significance in the long run, so travellers are expected to book more sustainable travel options next year.

No advance booking

In the pre-pandemic era, people tended to book their tickets much in advance. From flight bookings to hotel reservations, everything was done months before, which was cost effective. Now, this trend has become a thing of the past. Travellers would no longer be booking tickets or hotels in advance because lockdowns and flight cancellations can happen anytime!

Nature is calling

Since the pandemic started, people have been mostly indoors. But now, with vaccinations and booster shots, travellers are hoping for better travel days in 2022. The demand for natural destinations is expected to increase as people have been craving outdoors.

Homestays for staycations

Travel experts are also hoping that given the current situation, demand for homestays will also increase next year, with more and more people wanting to travel safely and staying at smaller places with less exposure to other people.


Technology has changed the lifestyle of people in every aspect and travel is no different. From booking tickets to choosing hotels, the pandemic has fast-tracked people’s lives digitally, like magic! Virtual travel is expected to pick pace.

Caravan tourism

2022 might also see an increase in demands for caravan tourism. Especially after the pandemic, people want to travel safely, away from crowded buses and trains, and stay at a home away from home.